The Owner's Manual

Your Guide to Affordable Villas, Suites, and Lockoffs

Ad Rates

You must be a current subscriber to The Owner’s Manual in order to place an ad on the web or in the newsletter.  Subscription must be paid prior to ad placement

Newsletter costs.

Newsletter ads are $9.00 per line, per issue.  E-mail address takes its own line and is optional.  Ads must be received in writing before each newsletter deadline (listed below).

Newsletter Ad Deadlines

Jan/Mar Issue   –    December 1       Apr/Jun Issue     –    March 1
Jul/Sep Issue     –    June 1                Oct/Dec Issue    –    Sept.   1

Web costs
Starting June 1st 2019 web ads are $9.00 per month
Web ads are $9.00 per interval week (two month minimum required).

Web ad cost is a setup charge of $10.00 per submittal, plus a monthly charge of $9.00 per interval week per resort listing section or villa advertised with a two-month minimum request. E-mail address does not increase the cost of the web ads.  Once a web ad expires, a new setup charge will be incurred. 

Web two month minimum : The minimum for advertisement placements is two months. If you are not spefic with ad placements in the form on on e-mails. The defalt month coverage will be two months. It is up to the customer to let us know if they need to extend the coverage.

We do not do one month advertisement placements.

Once on the web you are required to pay the two month minimum regardless if the ad as been up for 5 minutes or one week.

Note: If you are canceling a week. You cannot remove one week and replace it with another new week that was not previously in the ad. It will be considered a new ad, and will have to be charged as such.

Advertisers requesting "Continued Quarterly Billing" will be responsible for payment in full for all Newsletter and Web posting unless a written notification is received before issue deadlines.


To submit an ad, you may use any one of the following methods:

  • Ad Placement Form from the website
  • Mail the Ad Placement Form on the back cover of the issue

    Please specify number of issues/months and placement section where the ad is to appear. All new ads, cancellations and changes must be in writing (E-mail, or mail) before newsletter deadline.

    Once written notice is received, it will be processed and invoiced accordingly. In order to advertise, an ad account must remain current. Subscriptions that lapse will be billed on ad invoice.

    All new ads, changes, and cancellations must be received in writing (mail, or e-mail) before each newsletter deadline (web ads may be submitted at anytime). Ads will not be accepted over the phone.  There is an ad placement form in the inside back cover of each issue and on our website for your for your convenience.


    It is best to place advertisement at least two full issues prior to occupancy dates.

    Resort Abbreviations
    TRC   The Royal Cancun (former VCI)
    RC     Royal Caribbean
    RI      Royal Islander
    RS     Royal Sands
    RH     Royal Haciendas
    GR    Grand Residences
    RR     Royal Reef, Cayman
    PEL   Pelican, St. Maarten
    SA     Sea Aquarium, Curacao


    Other Abbreviations
    LV       Lagoon View
    OV      Ocean View
    PV       Pool View
    GV       Garden View
    BV       Beach View
    BF       Beachfront
    PH       Penthouse
    GF       Ground Floor
    GL       Ground Level
    #F       Floor Number
    OBO   Or Best Offer